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Top 5 Reasons People Attend Events

When you want to bring people together, having a platform where your community links are essential, there's no better way to connect! Here are the top 5 reasons people attend events and some marketing hacks to guarantee you’ll get the most attendees at your next...

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Great Event Ideas to Engage Your Audience

So you want to host an event? These are some of the most effective events to host to engage your audience. Best Types Of Events To Host Festivals - Festivals are a terrific type of event to host. They offer the opportunity to bring a community of people together to...

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Murder Mystery Masquerade

The Murder Mystery Masquerade party hosted by Colinkz was a great success! Guests arrived wearing gorgeous costumes with lace masks. The actor-led 60 person adventure included detailed character profiles and painted a picture of a deeply corrupt town called Bloodworth...

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Glow in The Yacht Party

The first big event hosted by Colinkz was a great success! There were approximately 150 attendees that came out that night for the amazing Glow in the Yacht Party. Upon arrival, each guest received a glowing wrist band or necklace and a glass of champagne to start the...

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The Chinatown Festival

This Summer Colinkz sponsored one of the biggest events in Vancouver's Chinatown district, the Chinatown Festival 2019. It was our pleasure to partner with Out of the Rain as their actors performed throughout the festival. The booth was a great success with dozens of...

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11 Reasons to be Proud to Be Canadian

It's like winning the lottery when you become a CanadianWorld population: 7.7 BillionCanadian population: 37 Million0.48% of the total world populationYAY! Being a Canadian means you've hit the jackpot! 2. We are universally known to be polite, kind, and considerate...

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