With all the industries pushing for a more sustainable way of doing things the fashion industry was falling behind.  That is why it was a mission for creative director and designer, Kiarash Tarikhi, to push for the initiation of “Couture Culture” an annual performing fashion show to celebrate slow fashion. To educate people about the unseen barriers of the fashion industry.   “I am grateful for this opportunity to provide a platform to all the involved talent to showcase their unique creativity, we celebrate the unique roles played by each one of us in the community and hope to inspire a new appreciation of the creative arts.” -Creative director Kiarash Tarikhi.

As a modern alternative to traditional runway shows, the experiential event showcased the models walking through the art gallery as if it were a display of art in motion. “The showing was an immaculate display of growth for the talented designer, and left each of us in awe from start to finish.” – The Fam Collective 

It was a mix of creative talent, models, designers and media outlets bundled in one room. Attendees were toasting and networking as photographers and influencers were snapping away.  Everyone came together in support of a innovative designer and a great cause. This event was the epitome of Vancouver, culture, community and creative talents.  We were honoured to have been apart of it and thank everyone in attendance and who helped make the event possible. 

For more information about The Couture Culture visit their website, https://www.thecoutureculture.com/

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