So you want to host an event? These are some of the most effective events to host to engage your audience.

Best Types Of Events To Host


Festivals are a terrific type of event to host. They offer the opportunity to bring a community of people together to enjoy shared interests, including arts festivals, music festivals, food and drink festivals, cultural festivals, film festivals, harvest, and seasonal festivals, to name a few. Festivals can draw a rather large crowd from attendees around the world. Proper promotion helps spread the word to the most receptive audiences who are seeking out fun activities to attend.


Meetups are a fun way to connect with others who share interests. Meetups can be formal or informal. Popular types of meetups include those that support hobbies such as book clubs, beekeeping, activism, cooking, fitness, health, technology, drum circles, arts, gaming, geocaching, among others. These types of events may or may not require a membership or fees to participate. Always be sure to read the event listing for the ticket or other requirements.

Private Parties

Private parties are an excellent way to bring people together to celebrate any number of memorable occasions including album releases, book releases, birthdays, retirement, engagements, graduation, or to welcome a new baby. Private parties allow planners to make the party as simple as elaborate as they desire. With any number of venue types and locations in which to choose, event organizers can host their event in the best spot for their celebrations.

Trade Shows

Trade shows always draw large crowds because they offer people the chance to find out more about industry-specific topics, products, and services. They offer exhibitors the opportunity to connect with highly engaged audiences who are actively seeking information or products. For instance, home and garden show appeal to avid homeowners and gardeners. Technology trade shows are perfect for captivating a crowd of people who enjoy technology. Boat shows attract people who are into life on the water. Regardless of whether you want to have a niche or a large-scale trade show, it’s a great way to bring people together.

Training Events

Many people today strive to extend their knowledge and capabilities for their personal or professional pursuits. Training events can vary in their length from as short as a few hours to ones with multiple sessions spread across several days. These types of events draw some of the best and brightest people who are taking action to advance their skills and understanding of a topic. Popular types of training events include sales training, technical skill training, motivational training, development training, management training, and a variety of other types of training. Exercise classes such as yoga, Bootcamp style, dance-inspired, pilates, and functional strength classes bring people together to pursue a healthier lifestyle.

Excursions or Travel Related Events

For people who prefer to live an active lifestyle, excursions are a great way to enjoy time away from home. Hiking, camping, and fishing excursions are a great way to spend time outdoors with others who share your interests. Other activities could include mushroom hunting, shopping excursions, weekend getaways, bus tours, sightseeing tours, or other specialty tours.


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