Hosting Event

Create your event page

Create an event page
1. Log-in or sign up to your Colinkz account and click the ‘Create Events’ button located at the top of your screen and follow the prompts.

2. You will then be re-directed to the event creation form. Enter your basic information here:

  • Select your event type: By default, your event is listed as ‘Public’ and will be searchable through Colinkz directory and search engines. If you would like your event to be private, you can set your event to ‘Private’, which means that only people with the event URL can see your event page.
  • What is your event title?: Enter the name of your event. The field is limited to a maximum of 60 characters.
  • Location: Enter the event address
  • Date & Time: Enter start date and end date of the event
  • Description: Describe your event and include any details you would like your attendees or customers to know and set expectations/restrictions. Use the tool bar above the Description field to customize formatting, add links, photos, videos, etc.
  • Cover Image: Upload the event cover image by clicking the blue image icon.
  • Additional Image(optional): Upload event’s image by clicking the image icon.
  • Fun Fact (optional): Tell people about the event culture.
  • Add a category: Select a category from the dropdown menu that best represents your event.
  • Event Tags: Enter the tags with comma that best represents your event .
  • Culture event: Select the event culture

3. After clicking next page it will go to Organizer Detail

  • Organizer Name: Enter the name of the organizer
  • Phone number(optional): Enter the phone number
  • Organizer Email: Enter the email address.
  • Organizer logo: Upload organizer logo by clicking blue image icon.
  • Organizer Website (Optional): Enter url link of the event.

4. After clicking next page it will go to Pricing Detail

  • Payout account: Click the red button to apply payout account
  • How to sell your ticket: Select the dropdown option to choose where do you want to sell your event ticket.
  • GST setting: Select the dropdown Yes or No option for GST
  • Ticket Price: Enter the ticket name, max quantity and ticket price.


5. Confirmation page

Ticket Price: Review the information of the event and click the edit icon to go back to edit page to edit the information or everything looks great you can click Public Event to finish the whole process of create event.





Host a private event
If you are hosting a private event, follow these steps to ensure privacy as you set up your event and begin selling tickets.

1. Log-in to your Colinkz account and click Create event on the right corner

2. Select your event type, click on the dropdown to choose ‘Private’,then enter all the following event information.

3. Invite friends to your private event: select invite icon on the right corner. Insert email address of the invitee and click submit.

4. Invitee reply going or not going: Invitee will receive an email of the private event invitation. They have to select going or not going to reply the private event.

5. View who is going to the event: Organizer can go to dashboard by hover the profile icon on the top navigation bar. Click on the Events-Private to manage the event and view who is attending to the event.


Photo guide
1. Profile photo

Your profile photo is what displays on the homepage and dashboard.

Recommended Size: 100w x 100h (or 500 x 500 px)
Ratio: 1:1
Filetype: JPG or PNG
File Size: Max 2MB
Recommendations: no text


  1. Go to the dashboard page, setting to change your profile image.
  2. Crop your image if you would like – the image must be a square
  3. Remember to hit Save when you are done!


2. Event cover photo

Cover photos are large images that will be used across the Colinkz platform. They are automatically resized to fit any web browser or mobile device.

Recommended Size: 1125w x 450h (1125px by 450px)
Ratio: 2:1
Filetype: JPG or PNG
File Size: no larger than 5mb


3. Additional photos

Add photos to your event page to increase interest in your event.

Recommended Size: 1000w x 500h

Ratio: 3:2

Filetype: .jpg or .png

Manage your event

Cancel an event
If you need to cancel your event, follow the steps outlined below to take down event page.

1. If your event is still live and you want to cancel your event.

  • Navigate to the Your dashboard to find your event post. 
  • Click on the event page
  • Select the ‘Disable Event‘ on the top right over the cover image.

Change your event photo
1. Go to dashboard- Events view event, click Edit Event on the right top corner.

2. Scroll down the edit page until you see Cover image, click the cancel button and upload a new cover image for the event.

Setup Payout account

When you create events on Colinkz, you’re able to sell tickets directly through our online platform. Colinkz uses a software that allows us to safely store all sales from your event until after it’s over, at which time it will be directly deposited into your specified bank account (called a payout!).

Our simple and user friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to start selling – get started today!

Step 1:

Apply to be a vendor through the payouts section in your dashboard. We ask for specific information in order to verify your identity and protect our users against fraud!

Step 2:

Input your banking information. While Colinkz will hold your ticket sales for you indefinitely, you will not be able to receive payouts until we have your banking information.

Step 3:

Check the status of your events through the events manager in your dashboard, and watch the cash roll in!


Manage events
1. Go to Dashboard- Events and click ‘ Manage ‘.

2. Select ‘ Overview ‘ to view all the date of your event.

3. Select ‘ Orders ‘ to view attendees name and number of orders.

4. Select ‘ Attendees ‘ to view attendees information.

Manage Check in system

To manage the check in system for attendee first you have to log in to the account.

1. Click on “Dashboard” 
2. Click on the event you create ” Manage” 

3. Click on Attendees
User allow to check on the attendees or add more attendent when the event start  

Manage Orders

User can manage your event order and view the buyer risk level in other to refund the order if the risk level is high.

1. Click on “Dashboard
2. Click on the event you create ” Manage

3. Click on Order
User allow to view the risk level of single buyer in other to refund the ticket.

Creating Discount Codes

Organizers can create discount codes to share on their social media, or just with their family and friends! They can be applied to all your events, or specific ones by searching for them when creating the discount. Once they’ve been created and you’ve shared the link, anyone with the code will be able to apply it at checkout. Follow the steps below to create your own discount code:

1. Go to your user dashboard.
2. Click on “Discounts

Here you will see all previously created discounts and be able to delete, edit, or share them. To create a new one, simply click “Create Discount” in the top right corner.

3. Once you’ve clicked “Create Discounts” you are then able to specify the details for your discount code.

In the top half of the page you can:

  • Enter your custom discount name, or have a random one be generated by us.
  • Select discount type: percentage amount or dollar amount.
  • Specify how the discount can be applied: is it for all of your active events, or just one?

4. Further down the page, you can specify the usage limits and the dates the discount will be active.

Usage Limits

This determines how many people can use your discount, and how often. When you select “Number of times it can be used total”, a text box will appear where you can input the maximum number of times you want this discount to be used. When you select “Limit to one use per customer”, that means that anyone who uses the discount will only be able to use it with one order. If they try to place a second order with the same discount code, they will receive an error message at checkout.

Active Dates

Here you can specify how long the discount will be active for. You decide the start date/time, as well as the end. People that try to use the discount code outside of the active date will receive an error message at checkout.

5. Start sharing!

Once you’ve finished creating your discount, you’ll receive your shareable link. You can share this link with your social media and other platforms, or you can share it privately with your friends and family. Don’t worry if you exit out of the pop-up too fast – you can access the link at any time by clicking the share icon next to your discount details.

Colinkz fees

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