It’s like winning the lottery when you become a Canadian

My family immigrated to Canada when I just 4 years old. My mom had the choice of immigrating to the United States or go to Canada. She choose the road less travelled, and oh boy! Are we ever glad that she did!

Being a Canadian is like winning the lottery! I’m so proud to be a Canadian and here are the reasons why…..

  1. Canada’s population is just a fraction of the world’s, yet we have some of the best citizens, government, and ideology. Did you know…..
    World population 7.7 Billion
    Canada population 37Million
    0.48% of the total world population
    YAY being a Canadian means you’ve hit the jackpot!

2.We are universally known to be sweetie pies, polite, kind and considerate

3. We are tough and proud and will not stand to be bullied

4. We’re open minded and accepting of others, no matter the race, culture, or sexual orientation.

5. “We recognize that diversity is a great source of strength.” And that is the milestone for Colinkz!

6. We’ have a string of Super heroes on our side; Captain Canucks, Northstar, Sasquatch, Guardian, Nelvana, Wolverine, and Deadpool.

7. We’re smarty pants, Canada is the world’s most educated country

8. We love nature and nature loves us back – Canada has some of the most beautiful natural sceneries in the world!

9. We believe in universal health care, child care and care for all!

10. Theres no one else in the world as universally liked and loved as Canadians!

Canada is our home, we’re proud, we’re diverse but we’re Canadians First!